The Disclosures Tribunal will continue public hearings on Wednesday 16th October 2019 @ 10.30 am in George’s Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2 in relation to term of reference (p). The first case listed for public hearing, the complaint of Garda Nicholas Keogh”.


The schedule of witnesses to be called is as follows:-


Weeks 1 and 2


14 October to 25 October 2019


Garda Nicholas Keogh (continued)

Ms. Olivia O’Neill

Garda Stephanie Tracey

Sergeant Sandra Keane

Sergeant Aidan Lyons

Detective Sergeant Eamon Curley

Retired Judge Patrick McMahon

Sergeant Andrew Haran

Inspector Nicholas Farrell

Superintendent Aidan Minnock

Superintendent Noreen McBrien

Chief Superintendent Mark Curran


Week 3


28 October to 01 November 2019


Non-sitting week