Take Notice - The Tribunal will recommence hearings on Monday 25 September 2017 at 10 am in George's Hall, Dublin Castle and will hear evidence in respect of Term of Reference (n) "to investigate contacts between members of An Garda Siochana and TUSLA in relation to Garda Keith Harrison".

The schedule of witnesses to be called in respect of Term of Reference (n), is as follows:-

Week 2.

Monday 25 September 
Inspector Goretti Sheridan (continued) 
Sergeant Brigid McGovern
Garda Keith Harrison
Ms. Marissa Simms

Tuesday 26 September
Sergeant Brigid McGovern
Ms. Marissa Sims (continued)

Wednesday 27 September
Ms. Una Coll (HSE/TUSLA)
Ms. Bridgeen Smith (HSE/TUSLA)
Ms. Donna McTeague (HSE/TUSLA)
Ms. Naoimi Wallace (HSE/TUSLA)

Thursday 28 September 
Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn
Superintendent Eugene McGovern
Mr. Gerry Hone (HSE/TUSLA)

Friday 29 September
Ms. Mary O'Donnell
Mr. Johan Groenewald (GSOC)
Superintendent Mary Murray

Week 3.

Monday 2 October 
Garda Gerard Curran
Garda Patrick Conway
Garda Joanne Doherty
Sergeant Fergus McGroary
Garda David Moore
Inspector Patrick O'Donnell
Mr. Darren Wright (GSOC)
Sergeant Paul Wallace

Please note that the listing of a witness on a particular day and/or for a particular duration is an estimate only and in not a guarantee that the witness will be called on that day of finish within the time currently allotted.